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Wayne Kelly, the founder of Spotted, Plymouth, didn’t start out in the field of digital marketing. In fact, it was his own venture into setting up his own business that led him into the industry. He discovered that his major obstacle to success when launching his corporate DJ-ing business was his struggle to attract customers via his website. He began his foray into the world of marketing and it was then that he realised he had found his true passion. He thrived on learning new ways to gain strategic advantages over his rivals, and as he secured more and more valued customers and valuable leads, he began to recognise the amazing potential that digital marketing could hold.
Using his newly developed skills, he launched an online gift business selling more than five thousand product lines, and made it a great success after mastering both paid and organic marketing strategies. It was then that Wayne decided the time had come to focus solely on his new passion.

Having sold his businesses, he went to work for a trusted marketing agency, and began to live and breathe all things digital marketing, from web design and search engine optimisation to Pay Per Click techniques. Over time, he earned the necessary skills to build up and scale companies from their launch to high-performing, established businesses. From managing local SEO for roof companies to delivering major changes across FTSE 250 companies with multi-million-pound budgets, he honed his abilities and excelled in the industry.

After scooping a marketing award in 2020, Wayne decided it was time to launch his own digital marketing agency, and so Spotted was born. He brought together a small team of digital experts with the ability to deliver impressive and effective solutions for all types and sizes of business, from new start-ups to multinational corporations.

Thanks to his team’s expertise in all aspects of the industry, Spotted can offer a comprehensive package of services including web design, local SEO, paid advertising, and digital marketing, taking time to fully understand every client’s unique requirements and researching their competitors to put a well-defined plan into action to overtake them in the field. Whether providing SEO for electricians or developing an efficient PPC campaign, Spotted’s team dedicates itself fully to the client’s needs.

Spotted stands out from the crowd as it views each and every client’s business as an extension of its own, and with a winning mentality, its team works proactively with its partners to grow their companies on an ongoing basis by outlining a strong digital strategy and implementing it to the full. It is this approach, paired with the openness, honesty, and integrity of the company, that ensures repeat business and lasting partnerships.

Why Pick Spotted

When you choose us, you can benefit from having a highly experienced team of creative digital marketing and project delivery experts at your disposal. We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the outstanding results that your brand deserves, and with our winning mindset, you can be confident that you’ll soon be overtaking your competitors.
We always strive to deliver the highest possible level of customer service to each and every client that we work with. We like to view ourselves as an extension of your own team, and we gain genuine pleasure in seeing our clients reach the top of the search engine rankings.

Whatever the nature or size of your business, we can accommodate your needs. We’re highly experienced at working with all types of companies, whether they’re new start-ups or long-established organisations that want an extra boost.
We’re also used to working with clients with widely differing business goals and budgets, and the fact that many of our clients remain with us year-on-year stands testament to the quality of the results that we produce. From delivering high-quality SEO for plumbers to Facebook Ads management, we advise, serve and deliver.
We build our client relationships on integrity, trust, clear outputs, and above all, honesty. As a progressive digital marketing company, you can count on us to work closely with you to determine your precise requirements in order to identify the next steps to help you achieve your goals.

What we do

We’re proud to be an experienced and trusted digital marketing agency offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of businesses across all sectors and industries. Whether you’re running a multinational business or an SME, we’re confident that we can meet your digital marketing requirements so that your brand can go from strength to strength. Whether you require Google Ads Management or SEO for traders, you can rely on us for all your needs.

We offer a complete digital package build out including all the key aspects of your strategy. From logo design and web design to copywriting and both on and offsite search engine optimisation, our talented team of experts are on hand to fulfil an end-to-end service on your behalf.

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