Digital Marketing Packages

Digital Marketing Packages

As a business owner, you understand the need for an effective digital marketing strategy, but you may not have the necessary skills, experience, or resources to design or implement it optimally on your own behalf. Fortunately, the Spotted team can help. We offer great value local marketing packages that are specifically tailored to the bespoke needs of your unique business.

Whatever the size, industry, or nature of your business, our talented team members have experience in working with companies of all types and budgets, so you can be confident that they can assist you in devising and putting in place a digital marketing plan that not only meets but exceeds your expectations and helps you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently that you imagined.

Whatever your budget and whatever your requirements, we can tailor a comprehensive end-to-end package that meets your needs at a price that you can afford.

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1Are facebookAds pay per click?
The Pay Per Click term is normally associated with Google Ads or Bings Ads but Facebook ads are in effect Pay Per Click ads. There are variations within facebook for different campaigns, whether this is video views, lead generation, post engagement, page likes etc. These all have a pay per click cost.
2Are SEO services worth it?
SEO Services take some time and effort but the longer-term benefits for SEO are fantastic. Once you have cemented your ranks at the top of google the organic traffic just keep on coming. This regular traffic is what provides an outstanding foundation for your business.
3How Digital Marketing is adding value to business?
Digital marketing provides businesses with the endless platformsto promote their authority in their niche. It enables them build strong relationships with leads and turn them into loyal customers.
4How much does SEO marketing cost?
There are a many factor we have to review when putting together SEO packages. We carry out a full onsite and offsite audit to determine where you currently are within the search engines, to the side of this we carry out full competitor and keyword research to establish what work we would need to undertake to achieve amazing results for you. Using this information, we present a number of tailored packages for your consideration. This ensures you don’t pay for what you don’t need.
5How much for web design services?
Our web design services are costed and tailored to the work that is required. This ensures that our valued customers are receiving completive rates no matter the size of the job. We provide full and transparent costing so you know you receiving value for money.
6Why web design is important for business?
A company’s website is very important as it provides an opportunity to promote your brand, to showcase your products and provide key information to your customer base so they can make informed decisions. Websites are becoming increasingly important as much more business is now being done online.
1How to rank local SEO?
We would start by carrying out an audit of our customers site to identify opportunities for improvement. We would then carry out competitor research to establish where we gain make the greatest gains in your niche. We would identify GEO-specific keywords we can target in your local area. Implement great onpage SEO attributes including technical SEO and great copy. We would ensure that localised landing pages are created based on our agreed keywords. We would ensure that your Google Business Listing is fully optimised and that your key business information in submitted to directory listings so your Name Address and Phone number is listed in multiple areas to build confidence with Google. We would build authorities backlinks to your website based on great content.
2How web design affects SEO?
Having your website set up in the right way is fundamental to being found in the search engines. Websites should factor in great design, onpage structure, technical SEO, page speed, optimised content, device optimisationand user experience. When you get these things, right leads can make an informed decision in your favour.
3What are local SEO citations?
SEO citations in very basic terms are mentions of your business on the world wide web. These take the form of the businesses Name, Address and Phone number. People in the industry refer to this information as (NAP). Citations enable you to build trust with the search engines that you are a genuine trading business who will serve their customers.
4When to do digital marketing?
Having a clear digital marketing strategy lays out the what, when, why, where and how you are going to do it. Digital Marketing should be a daily activity for every business. Action taken on a daily basis will result in cumulative results. We have found that consistency results in more leads, more sales and amazing results.
5Why is cost per click important?
We find that Cost per click advertising provides an amazing platform to get customers through a business’s doors quickly and effectively. As a model it can be targeted around areas, demographics and queries that work really well and be scaled as required. In a relatively short amount of time you can have targeted leads that are going to buy your products and services.
6Why SEO is important for business?
A website has very little value if no one can find it. Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) increases your visibility in the search engines so your business can be easily found. This visibility provides your website with more visitors, increasing your chances to provide your product of service to people who require it.

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