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Leveraging the benefits of local SEO services is essential if you’re offering a service based in one geographical location. Reaching customers in your local area is imperative, and therefore you need the help of skilled SEO marketers to ensure your business is fully optimised for all local searches.

Search engines must gather information regarding your business from several locations so that it can appeal in the local search engine results. That means all local content that you create including citations and social profiles, can boost local SEO.

A top way of improving local SEO involves creating then optimising a Google My Business account which allows your location to be set and, when fully optimised, your visibility receives a boost, and your engagement levels increase. Google My Business accounts also allow clients to leave a review for your business, helping Google to see you’re running a legitimate operation.

Local SEO can also be improved by creating location pages or sections on websites. These should include both your business address and Google Maps with your location pinned into it. Your company’s name, phone number and address should also be found somewhere in your website’s HTML text so when Google’s bots crawl it, they can collect the data for their search results.

Why Do You Need Local SEO?

If you’re seeking out SEO specialists near me, you are, no doubt, already aware that you need some professional assistance with this aspect of your digital marketing strategy, but you may not fully understand the reasons why local SEO is so important.

In order to deliver optimal web solutions to meet a business’s unique goals, local SEO specialists must learn as much as possible about a company as well as its objectives and aims for its website. When each project begins, an in-depth research period is necessary to audit the company’s current standing, its local business competitors, and its target market. That allows the SEO company to develop and implement an effective technical SEO strategy.

Here at Spotted, we offer expert technical SEO services as part of the build process. Whenever we create bespoke websites, we incorporate SEO into the design fabric as standard, using the experience and skills of our team to make sure your website is always reflecting industry best practice.

When your website’s SEO is finely tuned, it will achieve higher rankings and will produce more search results organically. Furthermore, it will also be more capable of reaching genuine customers who are seeking out the services and products that you offer. As a digital marketing agency offering end-to-end services, we take pride in helping you to create an outstanding marketing strategy which may include paid search but which puts organic local SEO at the centre of its focus.

From creating shareable and captivating content to engaging influencers and bloggers relevant to your business niche, our team are highly skilled at activating strategies that can deliver optimal SEO performance. Here at Spotted, our in-house marketing team are specialists in the field of local SEO and can plan and execute excellent content on all platforms.

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What Are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO is a long-standing thing, but it has taken off in a big way now that more people than ever are using mobile devices to access the internet. Therefore, having effective local SEO is essential for any business that offers local services or products to achieve maximum success. With the assistance of a professional team of SEO experts, your website will attract the maximum number of local customers who are ready to buy what you have to offer.

Local SEO involves making a website and the content that it contains as visible as possible in the search engine results for your geographical location. When every aspect of a website is fully optimised, it can secure a higher ranking, increased page traffic and more organic results in order to overtake your local competitors.

While many digital marketing campaigns include paid ad strategies, it’s imperative to ensure that a website operates at the highest level alone before branching out into other options. That ensures the best possible approach to targeting customers effectively.

Ensuring that your business website contains well-produced, useful, and relevant content is vital for its success. These days, Google and the other search engines are putting more importance on evaluating user-friendly, high-quality content and so everything your site contains must offer high user value, be relevant, and be properly calibrated.

While all of this pertains to both standard and local search activities, there is another element to local SEO. The search engines know that people who seek out certain kinds of businesses require results from within their immediate proximity. For this reason, Google takes the searcher’s location on board when they enter any query that has a local intent. That means search results will be different depending on where the searcher is located at any given time.

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