Seo for Roof Companies

Seo for Roof Companies

Running a roofing business is a challenging and time-consuming job, and it isn’t too surprising that you may require some professional help to tackle your roofing marketing strategy. The great news is that with the right roofing SEO, you can drive up organic traffic to your website, increase your customer base, and gain the edge over your competition.

If your website lacks high-quality branding and gives an unclear message about your company, its services, and its locations, you can benefit from professional roofing SEO support. Our skilled team can create a well-designed website that has been created specifically to deliver quality leads, increase the authority of your brand, and attract customers from within your target market.

With a new professional logo designed by our team, a user-friendly, mobile responsive website, and optimised social media tailored to your business’s specific needs, we can save you time, money, and effort, while also helping to boost the success of your business. Our team are dedicated to helping you benefit from a website that is fully optimised for both onsite and offsite SEO so more customers who value the expertise and high-quality service that you offer can find your website.

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  • No solid company brand or logo design which gives mixed signals of who you are and what you do
  • A badly designed website, a website that doesn’t rank in the search engines or no website at all. Lead generation is non-existent, and quotes can’t be fulfilled
  • Zero presence on the major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter leaving you at a disadvantage in the modern world
  • Very few reviews from real customers on your online accounts, or none whatsoever, so people don’t know how great your company is
  • An inefficient business leading to stressed out workers putting in long hours for minimal results. Hardly any free time left for you to spend with your family


  • A well-designed logo that is instantly recognisable, giving your brand a true and lasting identity
  • A website that looks great, is easy to navigate and is optimised for search engines like Google so you can be found by customers
  • Complete set up of optimised social media accounts for your business to generate both email and phone leads
  • Positive, honest online reviews from existing customers which acts as strong social proof to prospective customers
  • An optimised and efficient business which allows you to make the most of your social life without having to worry about your company

Simon from Southside Better Roofs contacted us in November 2021 wanting to establish a much web presence for his business and become less reliant on the lead companies that he was using. He was totally baffled on why his website wasn’t showing up in the search engines. After gaining some key information from Simon we carried out an extensive review and audit of Simon’s website, as well as a competitor analysis of his key competitors in the Devon area. Unfortunately, while Simon’s website was well designed its structure and its lack of content was doing nothing to was doing nothing to help him. Following keyword and competitor research we outlined 25 keywords that the website’s structure and content would be based around.

Based on our recommendations Simon moved ahead with Spotted with a full website redesign and SEO package. We redesigned his website so it struck the best balance between design, functionality and usability. We ensured that he had specific service pages based against our agreed keywords. We are added fully optimised images based around his selected keywords. We ensured that his website was optimised in every aspect. To the side of this rewrote his Google business profile and ensured that this was targeted around his agreed keywords and it was fully completed so his potential customers could find him much easier.

Once we completed the new website and it was fully optimised our attention turned to the off-page SEO. One of the issues that we found with Southside Better Roof’s web presence was that it wasn’t turning up in local search. This was down to lack of NAP (Name Address and Number) references on the web so we tackled this issue with a matter of urgency. Our next step was to build trust with google through creating regular high-quality content around Simon’s areas of expertise and keywords as well as building high quality backlinks.

We saw a increase of 705 google place rankings in just 6 months. We have secured 16 page 1 rankings already including number 1 rankings for Edwardian Conservatory Roof Plymouth, Lean ToConservatory Roof Plymouth, Victorian Conservatory Roof Plymouth, Orangery Roofs Plymouth, Bespoke Conservatory Roofs Plymouth. They are also showing up in the top three of the local searches for all their chosen keywords. Simon Daniel said “Working with Wayne and his team has been such an amazing experience. I knew from the first consultation meeting I had with Wayne that they knew what they were talking about and my confidence from that point has grown stronger. We knew we could achieve better results but the progress we have seen so far has been mind blowing. They have totally transformed my business and I can’t wait to see what our partnership holds in store moving forward”

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